Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 20

This week I strangely haven't had any custom projects to work on (or rather I was really quick and finished them all on Monday already) so I've had extra time to start preparing for the big move next week. What have I been doing? This...

• I've been purging my closet of all old, worn out, unloved clothes and accessories. (Oh my Gosh, I have way too much clothes!)
• Been throwing away (recycling) old magazines and papers I don't need as well as lots of junky sketches and drawings that are taking up too much space.
• Purging my medicine cabinet of dead/ugly/unloved makeup and skincare products. (This one was actually fun, and I've even stocked up on a few new much needed things.)
• Only just packed 1 box, but we're crazy and plan on packing everything and moving in the same day. (We worry, we don't have that much stuff.)
• Been writing lists and planning all the items we'll be needing to purchase for the apartment and my new workspace. (Been calculating how much everything will cost too, ahhhh!) Even gone to a few stores to check out a few items to have them in mind while planning the new space.
• Plus I've been twiddling my thumbs hoping that time will go by quicker and it will be next week already. So excited!!!

Have a great weekend!

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