Monday, June 3, 2013

Back to Work

Alright, it's been over a week since we moved and I'm finally getting my workspace/life together again. It took a little longer than I had imagined because we had to wait for painters to make my new space nice and white, and they weren't available until later than we had planned. Plus we've had to go shopping for quite a lot of furniture which takes forever. Actually everything is taking much longer than I remember moving takes. We still haven't unpacked the majority of our boxes. Only the kitchen is pretty much finished, and we only set up our living room yesterday evening. We've also only managed to hang two pictures (just about 40 more to go.) I can't wait until all the boxes are unpacked and everything is in it's place.

A few Instagram photos from how our new place is coming along...

• My new studio space started off with really dated brown floral wallpaper. Super cute and vintage but not really my style. I want something a bit neutral so that I can have a clean pretty light space to work and create.
• The living room was also waiting for a fresh updated coat of white paint (instead of grandpa stripes) so I temporarily set up my computer on an island of boxes and furniture in the middle of the room.
• The kitchen was first to be set up and we've already enjoyed a few great meals here. Only one little set back, our new oven doesn't work. Got to get that fixed asap!
• My studio is finally painted white and I've got all my furniture set up and built. I think it's really coming together!

Can't wait to show you the rest when it's all ready!


J {*sparklingly} said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see how your spaces turn out. Congrats on the new apartment and finally moving in and getting settled!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much J! Can't wait to show it off.