Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 37!

This week was a real bore. Nothing particularly exciting happened, unless you'd call this ridiculously silly cold that I some how got. (I never get sick, what is this stupid runny nose business?!)

Despite feeling just a tad under the weather I got lots of work done. Finished several projects that I've been working on for weeks. Started a few new ones too. I'll be sure too show them off next week. :)

Here is a nice realistic peek at my desk. It usually looks a bit like this (if not worse.) A few of my necessities:
• Far too many pens
• 3 tins of lip balm, why not. A girl likes options.
• Random jewelry. (That's my Harry Potter time turner necklace, because I'm a nerd.)
• My Sushi stapler... yes
• Tiny candy boxes. (My favorite are the little violet candies.)
• and my tablet of course. I gave it a little makeover with a piece of black paper. *Good tip actually* By taping a piece of paper to your tablet you make it less slippery to use (especially when trying to draw or write.)

Hope you have a nice weekend!

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