Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hi Tuesday!

With only 2 more months until a new year arrives I thought it only fitting to create a nice 2014 Wall Calendar for my Etsy shop (in store now, yay!). At the beginning of the week I had sat down to a fresh white piece of paper with the hopes of creating something new and specific (maybe even seasonal) for my calendar... but that was just not happening. So today after a few unsuccessful scribbles I decided on taking the fashion route and used several of my most popular EmmaKisstina motivs to create this graphic jumbled calendar. 

I think it will look really lovely either framed, pinned to your inspiration board, hung by clips (as in the photo), or even just washi taped to your wall.

It was really fun to make actually, as I usually don't work much with text or graphic design, so that was a nice fun change.... plus I've never offered a wall calendar before. I also really enjoyed presenting it in this photoshop mockup. It looks so professional I think!

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