Monday, November 18, 2013

Fairy Lights

Hello Monday.... and hello super bad grainy dark photo.

Had another not so intentional blog break last week. It wasn't due to the fact that my schedule was jam packed, but mainly due to the opposite. Since nothing was going on, I just honestly had nothing to share. This week is looking up, so I hope for a full blogging week. Let's go!

So it's really dark now, this photo was taken around 4 PM, and it's black as night... and it's only going to get darker. (Sorry about the quality, but I really just wanted to show you how my studio looks come darkness.) To amp up the cozy factor in my room and make me at least believe that it's warm I bought a festive string of fairy lights and a warm raw sugar coconut scented candle. They sure have helped to make me really really enjoy sitting here at my desk, besides the darkness and rainy rather poopy late Fall weather outside. Now I almost look forward to afternoon sunsets just so that I can switch on my fairy lights, and burn a few candles.

This week:
• I've got another Blogger what's in my bag to share with you on Wednesday. Woo hoo!
• Shall be working on a fun project that requires me to draw 11 mini What's in my Bag illustrations. Pretty excited to get started on them, as they are my favorites, as you know. A big plus is that they are mainly hair and makeup products, so even better.
• Going on another Svenska Tecknare sponsored course about the new Swedish tax laws/system for the upcoming tax season. Horrifically boring, but most likely very important and informative.
• Friday, the boyfriend and I shall be going to a oyster/wine tasting with our wine club. I adore oysters, and it's been over a year since I've tasted their briny goodness. Hoping to try out some weird classic combos this time around. Supposedly stout and oysters is supposed to pair well. (I'm skeptic, to say the least.)
• And finally, what I'm most looking forward to is Saturday night. The boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary together at a fancy French restaurant here in Stockholm. I can't wait to get all dolled up and enjoy a really decadent meal with the greatest man in all of the Universes.

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