Friday, May 9, 2014

25 Things About Me!

Hello Friday! Let's get a little personal. (This could be fun!)

Here are 25 things you probably didn't know about me:

• I'm pretty much blind in my left eye. I have a scar on my cornea, which has impaired my sight since I  was 4. I've been wearing glasses since the second grade, and just got contacts (well actually one contact for just my right eye) a few weeks ago!

• Ketchup and Coca Cola seriously make me cringe, I can't even have them near me. Nasty! 

• I watch far too much tv. I love having a series running to keep me company while I work, because sometimes it's just too quiet. Some days I can plough through 10 episodes or so. My favorites are crime shows such as Criminal Minds, Law and Order, and CSI.

• I was a ballerina! Danced from the age of 3 to 24 years old. I did pointe starting at age 11 too. I loved dancing but my ridiculous shyness really held me back.

• When I was little I was so incredibly shy, even with my parents, that I nearly had to have a toe amputated. One of my toes had gotten snagged in some thread from my comforter and started to turn blue. I walked with a limp (and denial) for an entire day, until my parents forced my boots off. I have no idea what I was so scared of. 

• Thankfully this shyness has finally pretty much disappeared. Except I'm still very telephone shy. I seriously have to talk myself up to make a simple phone call. I'd much rather talk to people in person.

• My little sister's nickname for me is Din.

• I eat all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home prepared by myself. I hardly ever eat out, only a few times a year.

• I graduated High School twice.

• I adore drawing things as you should know, but I really struggle to draw people. And don't really enjoy drawing people either.

• Swinglish is my official language. I make up many new words mixing Swedish and English. Spänningful!

• Boyfriend calls me Kiki, and I call him Bubba. :)

• I'm not much of a jewelry girl. I love stud earrings and long necklaces sometimes but rings and bracelets kind of make me go nuts. Especially bracelets!

• I can't wait to be a mother!

• One of my elementary school teachers thought I was deaf. My hearing is fine, I always just took far too long to think through my answers.

• I met my boyfriend Johan of over 5 years on an online dating site. Our first date was lunch in Stockholm's Old Town. p.s. it was love at first sight.

• Before I started my EmmaKisstina Etsy shop I had another very unsuccessful shop which I closed after 1 year. I sold random and very weird items from my college art school days.

• I've become a bit of a health nut lately. My pantry is stocked with lots of nuts, seeds, grains, and even bee pollen.

• I love working out! I go to gym classes about 3 times a week and do small workouts at home too.

• I sweat like a pig! Plus I sweat really easily, it's almost embarrassing.

• Sports are completely uninteresting to me.

• Got to admit I'm afraid of the dark. Oh and spiders.

• This one is weird. I've got an earlobe fetish. It started with my little sisters soft baby earlobes and has now moved on to my boyfriend's lobes. They're so so soft, I just have to touch them constantly. Weirdness.

• I was kind of scared of biking in Stockholm until last summer when my boyfriend fixed a vintage bicycle. Now I love it! It's so freeing. Stockholm also has pretty great bike paths so I don't have to be afraid of biking in traffic so much.

• And I'm a complete goof. Just ask my boyfriend. Fart noises crack me up every time!

Still curious about me? Ask me anything!


Julie Arthur // said...

I met my husband through an online dating site, too. :) What's your favorite food?

Unknown said...

Lots of my friends have met their partners on the net too, I guess it's not so strange anymore.

I'm obsessed with Asian food at the moment. I adore Vietname soups and noodles, and totally in love with dumplings. I make them myself of course :)

Have a great Weekend Julie!