Wednesday, October 29, 2008


KITTEN AS A CAT, YEAH, SMITTEN AS The Cure. Oh how I love love love the Cure. Robert Smith's lyrics are just far too amazing and bittersweet.
Meet my new kitty, Kompis (translates to Friend from Swedish). He is my friend's kitty and I will be taking care of him for a while. He is just purrrfect, heehee. He adores sitting in my huge windows looking out at the gorgeous tree with all of its leaves changing colors and with tons of birds flying about. It is like kitty television. Kompis is also super gorgeous. It is fun having a little life in my oh so quiet apartment. At night it is seriously creepy quiet here in the Old Town.

It is starting to get dark really early already. It was dark by 5pm yesterday. I think it is quite cosy. Most people here get a little depressed about the darkness. So far I enjoy it, but it is only the least 4 more months to go. Winter hasn't even begun. poo and yay! I love cuddling up with Kompis on the couch, lighting a few candles, and watching a really good movie. We saw the movie FUR the other fitting. An imaginary portrait of the photographer Diane Arbus. It really fed my imagination and I am so inspired by so many scenes. The movie is just gorgeous. Nicole Kidman is also so very stunning. I very much recommend it!

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