Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A few years back I was so into Manifestos. We read them and wrote them in art school. Make sure to read the Futurist's and Surrealist's Manifestos. Though some of those crazy artists had amazing manifestos I am enjoying the Charolastra Manifesto from the film 'Y tu Mama Tambien' So here you are...enjoy!

CHAROLASTRA MANIFESTO................................

1. There's no greater honor than being a Charolastra.
2. Do whatever you feel like.
3. Pop beats poetry.
4. Get high at least once a day (not mandatory).
5. You shall not screw a fellow Charolastra's girlfriend.
6. Who ever roots for Team America is a faggot.
7. Whacking off rules!
8. Never marry a virgin.
9. Who ever roots for Team America is a faggot (worth repeating).
10. The truth is cool but unattainable.
11. The asshole who breaks any of the previous rules loses his title of "Charolastra."

and then for one of my attempts:

A DREAMERS MANIFESTO........................................................

1. Do whatever you feel like.
2. Flirt with everyone.
3. Indulge yourself with simple pleasures.
4. Collect moments.
5. Say whatever you feel like.
6. Enjoy the everyday.
7. Keep secrets.
8. Enjoy the unusual.
9. Wonder, speak, and read slowly.
10. Ask lots of questions.

I have also been very inspired to write lately. Mostly full sentences...with meanings that can be read into differently by each reader....not pretentious...stolen....I like stealing words best. Everyone has said everything already. I chose the best parts from the best.

Here are a few stolen words.......

a trip.
express an idea. an action.
it's interesting. encapsulated. perplexed.
unique and special. feel it's here.
you feel. complicated. deny.
throw yourself into. imaginary portrait.
construct. through moving.
on a literal level. moment.
the arise of something new. a fairy tale.
special. follow this. here. in a sense.
unconscious. fascinated and disgusted.
forget. inner demands. inside.
dark mysterious places.
beautiful compulsion. look around.
suggestion. a hint. a key.
a real experience. fears.
if you fake it. subtle. impulse.
enter. wish. iconic.
inner walkway. close. itself.
experience possible. in that sense.
holding on. closed eyes. they vary.
take many different roles. coldness.
surfaces feel alienating.
instinct. pain. a theme.
retrieve. attraction. dressing.
mysterious connection. young impulses.
turned on. visceral.
irrevocably drawn to. innocent.
another world. future.
a trip.

kisses from kristina

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