Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometimes being a ding dong works out...

...sometimes not ;)

Today I packed up quite a few postcards and letters and packages to be sent out. I used gorgeous vintage looking blue envelope for my letters to my loved ones, and I used creative postcards I had received from Svenska Tecknare. I love love love writing handwritten letters. There is nothing better. All this typing is difficult, I find. I have to have paper beside my computer to jot notes down and to doodle when I find my mind wander. My mind wanders far too often. I find it so difficult to read novels...or any text for that matter. I find myself getting lost in thoughts when I come across any word. haha. I am such a dreamer.

But, anyhow, I walked to the post office. I got there, gave the nice postal lady all my gorgeous letters and the such...but had forgotten my wallet at home. I am such a ding dong. So I got to run home again through all the gorgeous little alleyways in the Old Town back to my gorgeous apartment, where my wallet sat on the shelf in my hallway. poo. But then I took it easy, walking the same route to the post office again. And since I had already gone home so quickly I took a little nice walk around my gorgeous neighborhood...and decided to spend the rest of my cash...of course.

I bought some yummy looking fruits and veggies from the grocery stand. I got lots of tomatoes, and apples, and kantarell mushrooms....soooo yummy. Then I went to the organic bakery. Everything looks to yummy there...and smells wonderful too. I bought a small loaf of dark bread which the girlie in the store said was best. It smells delicious and is so moist and tasty. I swear it can be eaten on its own. The girl wrapped it up in parchment paper, very pretty. Gosh how I love old fashioned simplicity and the Old Town where I live. Only thing I am not too keen about is all of the annoying tourists. One man deliberately elbowed me as I walked by him a bit to closely. What an arse!

How about taking a walk with me in pictures...
white chair
cuteness in Svindersvik
i adore tree lined paths
gorgeous light
the orchard
secret garden...
All these photos were taken on a apple picking trip around Svindersvik.

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