Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moi Je Joue...

Today I am very much obsessed again with the uber girly sugar sweet commercial for Miss Dior Cherie perfume directed by Sopia Coppola and to the tune Moi Je Joue by Miss Brigitte Bardot. I was reminded by equally sugar sweet Taylor Sterling of this commercial the other day. She named it as one of her major inspiratations...I too think of it as a major inspriation.

Around the time I came home from my summer of studying art in Paris, and after seeing Coppola's Marie Antoinette and seeing this video as well I decided to be and create all things unapologetically girly. Now my favorite color was pink and light blue and I didn't care if was cool or tough. I bought more and more skirts and dresses and ran around in pretty high heels everywhere. emmakisstina was born during this time. I had struggled through art school to find my niche, my subject matter. I had the technique but my paintings and drawings weren't anything special...and I struggled to seem cool and avant guard to my arty peers who all seemed to know what they were doing....well not all of them of course, hehe (art school duh, what would it be with out the struggling artist). So now to them I would be considered a sell out, gone to the commercial side. But it doesn't bother me....I just adore illustration. I adore drawing for girls. The best is when I hear from girlfriends that my work is so girly that their boyfriends feel a bit embarassed to have it on their walls. hehe! Sometimes I still feel embarassed about my work. I get afraid that it is too girlly or shallow or just pretty with no thought behind it. But I snap out of my rut by just reading all of my positive Etsy feedback or blog many kind flattering words there, it brightens my day.

Anywho, the sun is finally shining after a few days of gray rain so I am going to get myself prettied up and hit the town...I have a few fun errands to run!

Puss o Kram

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Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Oh, I so know exactly what you mean... For me it was always my ordinary-ness that was the problem... BUt am so over that, and am glad you are too.

My favourite colour is fuchsia... and f*** it! :-)