Friday, January 7, 2011

New Apartment... soonish

Me and the BF signed a contract for a new rental apartment yesterday!!! We are super pumped to be moving into a larger space closer to the city where we can live for a while.  Now we have only 3 weeks to organize all our junk, and pack, and plan how we are going to decorate and the such. So fun! We are such dorks... at every meal time we dream up apartment layouts and diy projects. We have lots of attic finds to clean and give love to, lots of IKEA visits to do, tons of cleaning and organizing, and maybe even some repainting and furniture building.

So this morning I have been looking for some more inspiration. All photos are from Etsy's There's No Place like Here group on Flickr.

Dining Room

bathroom storage.

bunny in jar

rainbow and magazines

The Kitchen Reveal!

The Kitchen Reveal!

The Kitchen Reveal!


the view

Bedroom - detail

Kitchen shelf


Jamie said...

New apartments are so exciting. I was not aware of the etsy flickr group. Exploring that is gonna be fun. Will this apartment be furnished? If not maybe you guys can get your dream couch!

emmakisstina said...

This new apartment is still too small for our dream couch Lucas, sad face. The apartment is rather furnished, but there is still space for a few of our own furnishings. We are too excited to start decorating and the such. Can't wait to show you!

There are soooo many amazing spaces in that group, enjoy!

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

The spice rack is so unique and cute...I love decorating a new home. Have fun!!!

Yeda said...

Hi! Well, im from Brazil and im so glad that i found your blog! you're so talented and beautiful!i'll always be back to see your stuff! xoxo (puss o kram????)