Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy Tuesday! I have some Good and Bad news!

Bad news first... My printer is super tired... I think I have been using it far too much. I have finally noticed that the images it prints now are not of the same quality as those that I first printed 3 years ago.

Good news second... So instead of purchasing a new printer (especially since my sweet Canon is not dead and can still be used for lots of wonderful things) I have decided to get all my prints professionally printed. Yay! They are going to be even more gorgeous and professional looking. I am super happy about this decision. Though it will be slightly more expensive and I will be running to the printers several times a week I will have more time for drawing instead of taking so much time to print and trim all my prints myself. (This process takes forever! Can take all day long if I have a bunch of orders!) I will also be moving all my shipping supplies home so that I can send out my orders quicker and have them more organized. (Number one New Years Resolution, check!)

***Just a small announcement *** 8"x10" is no longer available! It isn't a standard size in Sweden. Therefore it will replaced with the closest size 18cm x 24cm (approx. 7" x 9.5") I am hoping my American customers aren't going to hate me for this change.

As long as you still make gorgeous scans dear dear Canon I will not abandon you.

My studio will be left for boost of creativity visits once a week or so. I still would like to get away from the house to be a little more productive and my little attic studio in Nynäshamn is just the answer (Though from the new apartment it will take over an hour to get there, poo). There I would like to work on original works both paintings and drawings. (Did you notice I just added another resolution. Go me!)

My beloved 4 year old Macbook is also getting tired. My screen doesn't show as vibrant colors as before.... thank goodness I use a larger screen so that this doesn't effect my prints. (That would be bad news!) If only I had money to buy one of these... the 27" inch one of course since I'm dreaming. If only... sigh.

Gosh, I am so in love.

Ok back to work so I can save my pennies for an Imac in the sort of nearest future. 

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