Friday, February 4, 2011

Adore Home Magazine

Oh more fun online magazine news! I have been featured in the new issue of the super gorgeous Australian online publication Adore Home Magazine. It is so fun to see my work in the glossy digital pages of their magazine which is beautifully designed and edited. I am not just saying this because they featured my work and I am sucking up, but it is one of my new favorites! This month (February/March) is the British issue. Very interesting to see tons of bold colorful modern English spaces. Definitely not my old image of English interior design, you know, maximalism, a million different wallpaper rug and tapetstry patterns mixed together, carpeted bathrooms (this is seriously weird), and stuffy strict furniture mixed with classical art pieces. But pictured in these pages (though there are quite a lot of Union Jacks) I was surprized to see minimalisim, clean lines, and and open spaces. It could very well be Stockholm apartments (though Swedes are not as brave in their color and quirky art choices.) Go Britain!!!

You must flip through the entire magazine, you just must! But here is my page is you'd like a sneak peek...

I quite like that Queen Elizabeth stamp rug/wall hanging as well.

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Jamie said...

Your art looks amazing paired with the hot pink accents of the room!