Saturday, February 12, 2011

French Macarons...

Good Morning Lovelies! It's Saturday! The sun is shining, glittering off the new fallen white snow (hopefully melting it at the same time.) It is super quiet and feels like it is going to be a perfect day.

Gosh I am such a fruit cake! Anywho, speaking of cake, today I am going to be a domestic goddess! The majority of my Saturday shall be devoted to finally mastering the French Macaron. My goodness these little dream cookies are tricky but I am determined. I have tried a handful of recipes and though they have all tasted delicious I haven't gotten them to resemble anything worthy of Ladurée. So I must try again! I got my paws on Pierre Hermés recipe and it looks rather promising and a bit different from others I have tried. I am thinking this one is going to work.

Some inspiration perhaps?!!!

Oh and what flavor shall I be trying to create you ask?...  Passion Fruit curd filled bright yellow French Macarons.

So wish me luck... off I go to the kitchen.

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Housedaughter said...

Hi! Thank you for posting the maccaron pics, so inspiring. I am trying this tonight. How did it go? Any tips?