Saturday, February 12, 2011

French Macaron Update!

I did it! I made the perfect French Macaron. They are wonderfully sunshine yellow and filled with tart passion fruit curd. They are just gorgeous (and I must add delicious too!)




They match beautifully in my iittala Marimekko aqua candy dish by my yellow tulip tea cup, bunny head porcelain vessel and our sun gocco print with our light Tiffany Blue wall in the background. I am pretty pleased with my photography skills today also... see I told you it was going to be a great day, hehe! I think aqua and yellow are starting to be my favorite colors. (Don't fret pink I still adore you too!)

Good thing I have a few family members coming over tomorrow to help me enjoy them.

Happy Weekend!


silvia Navarro said...

cute post!!!
love that style

Jamie said...

mail me some pretty please!

avrilloreti said...

Wow They look perfect! I've always wanted to make some... were they tricky to make at all?

Lily said...

You made them?!?! WOW!!! It seems impossible!
I'm sure they are delicious!


... said...

Very cute post! love Macarrons!