Thursday, March 24, 2011


Consistency is most definitely not one of my strong suits. I am not one for rituals or traditions. I like to switch it up, try new things, not get attached. But sometimes somethings stick, but most of the time not, mind you. I have tried to make a schedule for myself but I won't follow it, just because. But I seem to have come up with a natural more open schedule that seems to suit me better. I quite like my new morning 'ritual' the best. I have come into the habit of quietly browsing through tumblr on my phone each morning while waiting for BF to wake so we can share breakfast together. So really my day begins with tons of visual inspiration and I am ready to get started working on new drawings and the such. It is such a wonderful way to wake up.

I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such a wonderfully open schedule when I had an early morning doctors check-up today. I had to jump out of bed, quickly eat a few pieces of toast, brush my teeth, and brush on some mascara and then jump on the crowded subway with the rest of the working world. So stressful! I made it to the train with just 30 seconds to spare.


I truly am spoiled. I wake up each morning at 8am. I usually stay in bed waking up slowly to gorgeous pictures on tumblr, or snoozing until 9. BF and I eat a long breakfast until usually 10. He has coffee and I have tea. We cook hard boiled eggs and eat them with caviar. I enjoy a few pieces of toast with melted butter and honey, and he enjoys liver pate with pickles. Sometimes we enjoy my baked apple oatmeal or regular muesli with yogurt and fruit.

After breakfast I get my computer started. I check all my emails, orders, and usually take a peek at my favorite blogs, while I plan what needs to be drawn or colored that day. I do this until lunch time around 12 or 1pm.

The salmon colored house is where I call home...

Lunch is much quicker and consists of reheating leftovers. I feel guilty usually that I haven't really done anything all morning (though I have). After lunch is when I get things done best, I'm awake and focused and can work undisturbed until dinner time around 6 or 7. My mornings are just too dreamy and slow to actually get anything done.


Dinner is much more of a big deal. I like to make ellaborate things, all from scratch. (Yesterday I made an vegetarian Indian curry with scented rice, lime pickle, yogurt, and a mango salad.) I adore setting the table and lighting candles too. After dinner I can take a peek at the computer again, finish things that didn't quite get done before and pack up my mess. Sometimes I will even work until bedtime if I want to (or need to). We don't own a TV so I can't get pulled into that. But we do enjoy a movie or a few episodes of our newest favorite show viewed on BF's large computer screen. Or we will cuddle up in bed with our current reads. Which is actually a nice way of rounded out the day.

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