Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is gorgeous! I am just in love with that worn turquoise door. I miss Greece, the clear warm water, all the shades of blue on doors and stutters, oh and of course all the stray pretty kitty cats. Last summer we enjoyed a week in Greek Isle paradise. It was seriously magical. The best vacation we've ever had. Going to have to just revisit our hundreds of photos instead of buying tickets this year. sigh

Unfortunately this summer we don't really have the funds to travel to far off places with turquoise waters. But we are rather happy with this years vacation plans, anyhow. (Or at least we've talked ourselves into thinking we love the idea of staying home this year.) 

The first two weeks of August we shall have the island summer house all to our selves, sans internet, noisy neighbors, highways, and the city. We can spend our days there lounging by the water on warm stoney cliffs with stacks of books to read, take dips in the dark blue crisp water, possibly take the row bow out to a tiny private island for a picnic, play endless games of croquet, take long walks through the mossy birch forests, eat breakfast lunch and dinner for hours, take naps in a shaded hammock, feast on wild cherries and strawberries, and pretty much do nothing.

Doesn't sound too bad after all.

p.s. BTW, I may be hard to reach (or off the radar) since we won't have internet access so make sure to get in contact with me now with any questions, or place any orders you make have been thinking about. But it's still 10 days away. Count down to relaxation begins!


Anonymous said...

Your holiday sounds really lovely and a couple can certainly have so much fun even when staying home. This is a very special summer for me and my boyfriend as it is the first time ever that we are going abroad together, to Paris :)

Unknown said...

I was lovely! Oh Paris! We were also supposed to go this summer together for the first time.... hopefully this fall! Paris is just too lovely, you'll have a magical time and fall even more in love with each other I swear. xoxo