Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm getting pretty good at skipping mondays. Never can seem to get much done on mondays, so thank goodness for tuesdays!

What did I do yesterday? Slept in far too late (my alarm didn't ring!), ate breakfast too long, went to the gym, bought a grilled chicken drumstick, ate the chicken drumstick, watched a few episodes of Bones, got lost in internetland, and stared at my to do list. And I have quite a few things to do mind you.

Yet again, thank goodness for tuesdays. But before I get started on checking important things of this said list I'd like to lolly gag just a while longer to show you this townhouse located in Landskrona, Sweden...

Can't say this is my dream house, so boxy, so white, so clean. But it is pretty neat anyhow. Can't believe it's permitted to build such a modern building between two very old cultural houses. Sweden's cool like that...

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