Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! & sneak peek!

Halloween was quiet for me this year... no costumes no pumpkins no candy. Kind of sad, but Halloween isn't really one of my favorite holidays anyhow.

But to not be completely un-festive and lame I dressed up my nails for a date with boyfriend last night.

Pretty huh?!









I've started work on collection two. Already! Here you have a sneak peek at one of my new square scarf designs under my new glittery manicure, can you tell which historical figure it is suppose to depict? I am also working on one of my largest designs to date, a long big, cozy winter scarf with intricate swirling ribbons, pearls and chains motiv.

BTW SCARF UPDATE: unfortunately the scarves are still not completed, blah, so I will not be able to have them in store tomorrow Nov. 1st! but soon... I'll keep you posted.

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