Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Revamped Etsy

I am super dee duper excited over all the new wonderful changes happening over at Etsy.com! (As compared to other sites that are constantly updated for no reason... ah hum Facebook. )

Why do you say I adore the new Etsy?  Well oh my goshness not only can you now Like my EmmaKisstina page on Facebook directly from my store (which is awesome!) but as a seller I now have all kinds of amazing stats to help me figure out what prints are favorites, and when and why people find my shop etc. It is just great!

Can you tell I'm excited? hehe


The A and B Stories said...

I am SO excited too!!! I'm amazed this change didn't happen a while ago, ha ha, but it's so great!!

emmakisstina said...

I know right!

kaffehörnan said...

Du är otroligt duktig

emmakisstina said...

Tack så jätte mycket kaffehörnan!