Thursday, February 9, 2012

Custom Colors

Lately I've gotten lots of requests for custom coloring of my prints... this is rather fun! Collaborating and personalizing my prints for you makes them seem even more special. Glad that a small change can do so much.

Don't hesitate to ask if you want custom colors, I'm happy to switch out background colors or a few of the item's colors.

My Hermes Tray print looks rather lovely with pink roses, and pearls too.

An airy pink and gray palette for a to-be daughter's nursery (and no cigarettes, cigs are bad!)

For a pretty pink Breakfast at Tiffany's nursery

no cig here either... not a big fan myself

I think that it's majorly fun that many mothers buy my prints to put in their to-be daughter's nurseries. I'm glad that my work is playful and sophisticated enough to appeal to children as well as mature adults.  I've often thought of doing a series of prints for babies (though I don't think I'll actually be motivated to do so until I will become a mother myself one day... crossing my fingers I'll have a baby girl, so I could fill her nursery with all my pretty pink prints.

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