Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wine Lover

One of the perks of living/loving a wine expert is that I get to try some pretty amazing wines... and learn lots about them too. It's not always that I remember any of these details (the districts, countries, famous wine nerd's names, characteristics etc.) but I'm slowly learning the basics, one day I'll be a wine snob (I mean expert) too. It's certainly fun having wine tastings at home and at parties; wine can taste anything from fresh fruits, candy and minerals to liquorice, chocolate and leather... and more. The boyfriend even holds professional wine tasting classes, I've never been to one though (bad girlfriend!). So really there are only perks to living/loving wine experts, except for maybe the blue teeth/wine breath, haha.

Two very expensive Spanish wines

Last night Johan came home with a few drops left in these two bottles from the wine tasting he held last night with his University wine club. The stylish bottle with the gray label named after designer Aalto cost a mind blowing 799:-sek (approx. $120). Isn't that insane?! We would never personally pay that much for a bottle to enjoy ourselves, but it was really fun to try (if someone else is paying). It was delicious (tasted of chocolate and black cherries) but I wouldn't say it was worth the price. What is?

I've learned through tasting many types of wines that there is a much bigger difference between wine from a 30:-sek wine to a +100:-sek price range ($5-$15+) than 250:-sek ($40) and beyond. The expensive wines start being all about branding and exclusivity, as in the fashion world. I like value and taste over design and name brand.

I'm turning all wine geek on you. Any wine lovers out there?

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