Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The boyfriend is away for a few days so I'm all on my lonesome. This means I have even more time to draw and work because I'll skip fancy dinners and cuddle time to work all day and night, no cute distractions. (Sounds great I know, not.) But it will be nice to get on a good drawing kick to draw a lot of new things. I've been concentrating on custom projects lately and haven't really added anything new to my stores in a while. Funness!

I've been wanting to do a few more series like my 30 Lipsticks posters; with nail polishes, shoes, and handbags. So I've started collecting gorgeous items to draw. (It's really really fun!)

Starting with handbags! I drew 4 new ones already and here are a few more on my to do list...

Do you have any other suggestions or favorites I should add to the series?

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