Monday, May 7, 2012

Blog Headers

The past few weeks I've completed quite a few gorgeous blog headers for a great mix of different (but all equally wonderful) ladies from a few corners of the world.

Have you seen them? I'm so proud.

Lindsey even featured a really great post about our process of creating a new header for her blog. Might be interesting for those of you who are interested in getting one of your own... or who'd like to learn more about my working process. Here is a little peek, but make sure to read the entire post here...


Daily Candy by Josefine said...

Oh, I was so happy to see my wonderful header here in your blog. And I have great company in wonderful women all over the world I see!

I´m really satisfied with your work and have received many positive comments from people I meet who have seen it on my blog. I want to say that I made it myself, but I promise: I give you all the cred you deserve! I like it sooooo much!

Take care, love Josefine

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

All of the headers looks lovely, I love this kind of illustration for blog header :)

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

Josefine! It's seriously one of my new favorites. So glad your readers are loving it :)

Miss Coffee Cream, your blog is really really cute, but maybe you'd like a custom header one day too. hehe