Saturday, November 3, 2012

Girly Girl Interior

Hello Saturday!

Sometimes I wonder what my apartment would look like if I didn't live with Johan. (Not that I wouldn't want to, I love sharing a home with him, and choosing items for our home together... but still one can be curious.) I never really lived on my own. I lived at home during college so I never had a dorm to decorate, when I moved to Sweden I lived at my Aunt's house. When I did live on my own, I did so for only about 6 months in a furnished apartment, and had very little money. So I didn't do much decorating.

When I saw this apartment  located in inner city Stockholm though, it felt so familiar, as if it were mine. I think it's pretty close to how I'd decorate if I had an apartment of my own. If you just switched out the ethnic items for 1700's inspired items then it would be pretty spot on. Lots of bright pink and turquoise, art on the walls, and plenty of creamy neutrals and golds in the form of cushions, throws, and candle holders.

Good thing the boyfriend and I have rather similar taste so I have a home that I love without much compromise. We have a lot of pink and turquoise at home actually, not as much pink as I'd like, but still. Maybe it's a good thing I share a home with a man, otherwise I might have lived in a pink explosion.

Have a gorgeous weekend!


Lisa said...

This apartment is just gorgeous! I love that it's so girly without looking too high maintenance. Perfection :)

Kristina Hultkrantz said...

I know right!