Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 44

Images via my Instagram, emmakisstina
Week 44!

• This week I spent most of my days inside the apartment working, drinking tea, and staying warm. When I did go out for errands, I've made sure to really bundle up, it's so chilly! Really loving my new wool coat, keeps me stylish and warm.

• Took my watercolor set out for a spin. I enjoyed looking and taking photos of the palette more than using it. Hope I'll get back into watercolor painting someday.

• Stockholm is especially gorgeous this time of year. The streets are full of colorful leaves, and I love the crispness in the air. (It's not bone chillingly frigid yet!) Can't wait for all the Christmas decorations and lights to go up at the end of the month though.

• A peek at Matchbook mag's November issue what's in my bag illustration. Who do you think it could be? Goes live on Monday!

Have a great weekend, I sure will. Off to the country for a weekend of great food and wine, long walks in the woods and by the seashore, oh and a bit of rest and relaxation of course.

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