Monday, January 7, 2013

A Cold Dark Walk

It's still very dark and moody in Sweden. The sun sets at around 4pm (feels so much later than 3pm which it set just a few weeks ago), and it's getting lighter and lighter everyday. So we're looking on the bright side. I also don't really notice the darkness anymore... as one does at the beginning of winter.

Anywho, the boyfriend and I took a long walk around our icy neighborhood. It was a gorgeous day, but we missed the daylight by just an hour. A photo session in the dark was a bit fun too. (Got to freeze just a little bit extra, fun, not.) I love how the sky almost glows an icy electric blue, and all the city lights twinkle and reflect off the ice. (Yes ice! About 20cm thick too!)

Forgot to mention it being Monday earlier. I hardly noticed, hehe. Sometimes weekends just melt into weekdays with out my knowledge. Ahhh the life of a freelancer working from home.


Astrid Rabus said...

So beautiful pictures, I love how you describe swedish winter mood. Makes me want to visit!

Unknown said...

You should visit, Sweden is a magical place. The Winters are harsh, but there is beauty in that as well. Sometimes it's even a bit fun to really freeze.