Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog Revamp

Notice anything new around these parts? My header possibly, my profile picture possibly... hint hint.

Well, I thought a new year called for some change, not any major change, just a nice pinch of change. I've been wanting to design a new header for myself for a while now (after completing so many pretty ones for others.) Couldn't quite decide how I wanted it to look (tough decision!) I played around with a few ideas in my head but I think this one turned out simple, elegant, and pretty... just how I like it. I've also become obsessed with the font Sverige, have you noticed? Isn't it just gorgeous!

What do you think of the new look? Is it here to stay?

p.s. I've also finally found the time to update my website with lots of great press from blogs and magazines (been meaning to do this for ever ever). I think you should go have a look!

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