Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I just finished reading a really inspiring blog post by blog maven Joy Cho of Oh Joy about "The Art of Being a Goal-Getter." I adore how honest and open she is with her readers about her success and how she works. (Why are so many people so secretive?) Joy really is such an inspiration. Her style is incredibly cute, her blog posts are always immaculately put together and she has a way of collaborating with the most amazing brands on really lovely projects. Of course I'd love to be little more like her.

I wouldn't describe myself as a goal-getter but I'm not a lazy bum either. I never got straight A's in school but mainly B's and I was definitely no Class President; I didn't even partake in any school clubs. (Remember I was a ballet dancer, not a loser.) I'm somewhere in between... I wouldn't be running my own business if I wasn't a pinch of a goal-getter and I have achieved quite a few things that I'm really proud of. I just think that I don't get as much done as I could or as much as super-dee-duper overachieving goal-getters get done. (Does that even make any sense? How could I possibly even compare myself to these sorts of people? Should I even compare myself to them?)

There are a few projects that I've dreamed up and then they've just been left on the back burner. I'm not even quite certain what it is that's holding me back.

So... How can I become more of a Goal-Getter:

• I think I should work on creating more structure in my work days. If I allotted specific times to do specific things I might get more done. Right? I've never really tried this out because I'll start drawing and it will lead to more drawing and then it just doesn't make sense to stop and start bookkeeping or something or other. I might try it again though. But I do need a little more structure and discipline from reading blogs for hours or staring into space aimlessly. I don't think it has to be so structured as planned down to the minute or on a ticking timer, but a little organisation of my work day couldn't be a bad thing.

• I absolutely know I need to pitch my work and ideas to companies, agents and other creatives way more often than I do. I seriously suck that this part of my job. I am so wimpy, and almost scared to get in contact with people it seems. I always have to really really push myself sometimes to write the simplest of emails. Suppose it's the fear of rejection, or that they'll think I'm silly. (I am silly for thinking so.)

• Be like Nike... and Just Do it!

Are you a goal-getter? 

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