Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stockholm Map

Thought it would be fun to take a closer look at my map of Stockholm. If you still haven't read my Stockholm Guide where all of these places are outlined you can find that here...

Stockholm is so gorgeous, and absolutely my favorite city so it was pretty difficult from keeping my guide from being a million pages long but I tried to keep it down to just a handful of great places spread out around the entire city.

Stockholm is split up into 7 very different sections and I like them each for their own unique style and vibe.

• Södermalm: I spend most of my time (and feel most comfortable) in the southern part of Stockholm because I live around this area, and do most of my errands here. Södermalm is a little more casual and arty than the rest of Stockholm and I know my way around this area the best.
• Östermalm: As much as I'd like to fit in to super chic and elegant Östermalm it's just a pinch too stuck up and expensive for me. Window shopping is the best here though of course.
• Norrmalm: The inner city area is all hustle and bustle but not so much so you'd get overwhelmed or lost. This is where I like to do my shopping if I've got some money to spend. There is seriously a H&M on every corner.
• Vasastan: This is a part of town which is really unfamiliar to me even though this is where my Father grew up. It's mainly a quiet residential area (boring if you ask me, sorry Dad.)
• Kungsholmen: Also another area of Stockholm I unfortunately almost forget about. This is too bad because this part of town is actually really gorgeous especially along the water of Norrmälarstrand.
• Djurgården: I describe this island as Stockholm's Backyard as it almost feels like you're out in the country. Great for long walks or a picnic. I especially like to take the ferry instead of the bus. Really feels like your taking a trip, though it only takes about 10 minutes.
• Gamla Stan: The cosiest and most historical part of Stockholm might seem like a tourist trap, but definitely shouldn't be ignored. I'll never get tired of exploring these tiny old quirky streets. The Royal Castle is pretty okay too.

Have you ever been to Stockholm? or do you live here too? What's your favorite part of town?

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