Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Cat Eye with a Twist

I have this thing with having to be just a tad different than everyone else. I love the classic cat eye, but it's everyone and their Mom's signature look, so I've come up with something that is a little more fun and matches my blue eyes too.

What I do:

• First I of course do the rest of my makeup as I usually do. When doing this look I may put on a neutral shimmery eyeshadow over the lid, and maybe a little bronzer shade in the crease. Nothing too fancy.
• Using a dark blue liquid liner line your eyes as you usually would with black liner. (You could of course use a dark blue pencil or gel liner if you prefer.)
• Allow the liner to dry.
• With your tiny eyeliner brush lightly go over the liner with an electric blue eyeshadow. (Mine is from Urban Decay.) Also smudge a little shadow over the liner to make the look softer. This will also cover any possible mistakes you made with the liner.
• Curl lashes and add lots of mascara. I like top heavy eye looks, and don't put mascara on my lower lashes usually. (But you could of course.)

p.s. I don't wear this everyday; I love to constantly try out new looks. Because makeup is so much fun!


Lynn said...

Looks great! Think I will give it a try. Love your blog and work. Happy Autumn!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lynn! Happy Autumn to you too! xo