Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blogger WIMB: MaryJane of Skinny Vanilla

Hello Wednesday!

If blogging was my job, I would totally be fired by now. Thankfully I have another gorgeous Blogger What's in my bag to share with you today, so maybe I'm forgiven.

Since my call for bloggers to feature I've had so much fun getting to know lots of different bloggers from many different countries who blog about all sorts of different things.

This week I'm featuring MaryJane of Skinny Vanilla a foodie blog. Her recipes are majorly drool worthy (chocolate chip cookies anyone?) plus she's a super girly girl like me. Fun huh?! I also love that she carries fancy tea and chocolate in her purse. :)

If you'd like to see the other blogger what's in my bag collaboration illustrations you can check them out in my Pinterest board here...
And you can of course get one for yourself in my Etsy shop here...

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Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Love the shape of that bag.