Thursday, October 10, 2013

Designlovefest Stockholm Guide

I think you know this already but I truly deeply have a love affair with my current city of residence, Stockholm. I love the size of the city, it's not too small or too big, it's stylish, gorgeous, close to nature, and just really has everything (except my family that is.)

When my friends from America come to visit I really really enjoy being a tour guide, showing them all the gorgeous sites, fun stores, and test out a new cafe or restaurant or two together. It's also really fun to see this gorgeous city through the eyes of other creatives. Such as Bri of designlovefest, who was here teaching Blogshop a few weeks ago. She finally posted her Stockholm Guide today, featuring this gorgeous map illustrated by our mutual friend Asia. So glad a few of my old and new favorites made it too the list. Unfortunately this is just a pinch of what Stockholm has to offer. I think you'd have to visit for more than just a long weekend to get a feel of this great city.

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