Monday, January 27, 2014

Updates and all that jazz

Hello Monday!

I am so excited not because it's Monday (blah) but because in a week I'm going on vacation yet again. Woo hoo!!!! Though this time more so to spend time with my family rather than relax and explore a new place. I also have high hopes for myself that I'll be able to work from my parents house as usual, and get lots of new illustrations and projects created... but I doubt it (if I'm honest with myself)! Gonna be busy eating my Dad's amazing cooking, chatting with my Mommy and going drugstore makeup shopping. Maybe I can get at least one or two new things going. #letsberealistichere

I don't want to shut down my shop for the entire month of February, so it will stay open. But I won't be able to ship any items until March 3rd. Hopefully this won't be a problem for anyone. I should still be able to work on custom illustrations such as What's in my Bag illustrations or custom blog headers (they may just take a little more time than usual.) So that's good at least. :)

Because I also alway feel really guilty for not shipping items right when you order them, all February I'll be planning special coupon codes and fun giveaway collaborations with bloggers as a thank you. So look out for that!

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