Thursday, January 30, 2014

New EmmaKisstina Products

Hello Thursday!

I've been a busy bee this week planning out new projects and creating new textile patterns (and getting more and more excited about my USA trip next week.)

Last year I designed two sets of lipstick wall decals. One cutesy set (pictured) and one sophisticated set. I think they turned out really nice (they're fabric not vinyl), but I never got around to getting more printed and making them available in my shop. The decals don't come laser cut so I'll have to cut them myself... but that'll have to do for now. Happy to say they will be available in my shop next month, yay!

I've also really been into textile design lately. I have so many ideas for products but putting all the details together is a bit of a puzzle. Finding someone to collaborate with on the sewing bit of course is the most difficult (I can't sew to save my life!). Plus getting textiles printed, having custom labels created, and also making sure all these costs don't lead to sky high unrealistic retail prices. Above are two peeks at two fabrics I'm considering making into cosmetic bags. Wouldn't that be fun!?

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