Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stockholm Fashion

Since moving to Stockholm...I have felt that my wardrobe does not what so ever compare to anything all these super fabulous Stockholmer's own. In all fairness to myself...I just moved from flip flop land so it is not all entirely my fault...and these people have grown up around these amazing stores, and designers, and creative people. Also since spotting the street fashion photographers I have felt the need to dress in hopes for one day getting asked to pose for their pictures. My closet is slowly showing some improvement...especially with all the summer sales that are going on, it is getting easier and easier.

I see Yvan the FaceHunter here all the time now. I just adore his new TV show, The FaceHunter Show. I enjoy knowing that all of these cool, creative people are somewhere in this city...they are actually all over the place. Yvan did 3 shows in Stockholm interviewing lots of fashiony people. Also Stockholm has all kinds of free fashion culture lifestyle magazines handed out throughout the city. They are super fun to read. They have many pages of amazing photography, have interesting interviews, and give great tips to the best stores and restaurants and the such in Stockholm...and sometimes elsewhere. My favorites are...RODEO, and I CITY.

In order to better my interview chances and cool factor, haha, I have also been busy working on my portfolio even more, and working to get an agent to represent my work. In my search I have found many other fellow talented illustrators in Stockholm that I really enjoy. Such as Cassandra Rhodin, or Sara Singh, or Stina Persson, and of course Liselotte Watkins.

The photographers and stylists that LUND LUND represents are all so amazing. I love looking at their work...here.

Recently I became a member of the Creative Scandinavians Etsy Team. We as a group are trying to promote each other by using our combined Scandinavian heritage as our selling point I suppose one could say. Each month each of us contributes to our public blog, writing about our creative processes, ideas, or just artsy things. Coming in September we will be having an event...PTB...PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES...each of us will produce new work according to this theme. I look forward to working on this project and seeing what the other have come up with to push it! As a teaser...I was thinkin' of working with a 7 Deadly Sins theme...seems promising huh?

kisses from Kristina

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