Hi! My name is Kristina Emma Hultkrantz. I am an illustrator, dreamer, dancer, dog lover, doodler, domestic goddess, and a major girly girl.

Born 1984, I grew up in the States. Gorgeous Portland, Maine to be exact. I had a wonderful all American childhood taking ballet classes, climbing trees, making crafts worthy of the refrigerator, attending Little League games and cookouts all the while in a Swedish bubble. (My parents are both Swedes and moved to America just before I was born.) My family and I have also spent some time in way too hot Tampa, Florida where I got quite a few sunburns and a BFA degree. One year after graduating college I bought a one way ticket to live and create in my dream city, rather chilly Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. Stockholm, made all my dreams come true. It's my dream city, I worked my way to my dream job of freelance illustrating, and even met the boy of my dreams to top it all off.


My brand of girly illustrations EmmaKisstina was born in 2007 after I drew my first illustration, the iconic perfume Chanel N°5. My illustrations and other products and design services are available for purchase in my EmmaKisstina Etsy Shop. EmmaKisstina is a one woman show, all illustrations, designs, promotion, sales, marketing, customer service and every other detail that goes into running a creative business are completed my me, Kristina Hultkrantz in my home studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

Besides illustration prints in several sizes I also sell Women's Silk Scarves, Men's Pocket Squares, custom illustrations, fabric wall decals, custom blog header design, and soon makeup bags. Find them all in shop here.


This blog is a place for me to share my life as a freelance illustrator. Whether to show off new works or completed commissioned projects, favorite recipes, inspirational photos, favorite places in Stockholm or tips for other freelancers. I really hope you'll enjoy getting to know the girl behind the illustrations.


Still a little bit curious about me, visit my FAQ page for frequently asked questions, or feel free to follow me on all social media sites listed on my contact page. Oh and here is a fun 25 Facts About Me blog post.

or email me kristina(@)emmakisstina.com

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the internet! xoxo

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