Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you American or Swedish?
A: I'm both but I feel somewhere in between. Not totally American and not totally Swedish (it's a nice mix). I have duel citizenship and speak/write both English and Swedish fluently. 

Q: Where are you from?
A: My parents are Swedish but I grew up in the States. Lived in Portland, Maine and Tampa, Florida. 2008 I moved to live in Stockholm, Sweden. I love it here!

Q: Who takes your photos?
A: All photos unmarked or unlinked are either taken by myself or my boyfriend. I try my best to site works from other artists and photographers (sited under each photo). Please let me know if you ever find any works improperly sited, and I will change/remove them right away.

Q: What camera do you use?
A: Nikon D60 camera with a Nikkor 35mm 1:1 lens.

Q: Do you have a 'Day Job'?
A: Not since 2010. I work as a fulltime freelance illustrator from my home studio.
I live off of my shop on Etsy plus custom commissioned projects.

Q: Do you have any tips or advice for someone who also wants to go into freelancing?
A: I've started a 'Take my own Advice' column about working in the freelance business. 

Q: May I blog about your work and use your EmmaKisstina images for my post?
A: Yes of course! But please link back to my website www.emmakisstina.com or any of my other sites or shop. Oh and please do get in touch, I'd love to read your post, and share.

Q: May I interview or you for my blog or magazine?
A: Yes please! I would love that. Contact me here... Kristina(@)emmakisstina.com

Q: Would you be interested in doing a Give-away or promotion with me on my blog?
A: I love collaborating with bloggers! Please contact me to introduce yourself and your blog. Then we'll see if we can work something fun out.

Q: I'd love to be a part of your Blogger What's in my Bag illustrated series?
A: I've gotten many requests from bloggers to be a part of my series. Although I have a very long waiting list, I'd love for you to get in touch. Otherwise you can commission a custom illustration in my Etsy shop. 

Q: How are your illustrations created?
A: All illustrations are drawn for hand by me on paper with pen. I then scan these drawing and add digital colors in Photoshop... this way they keep their hand drawn quality but can still be mass produced easily. All prints are professionally printed at a local printshop in Stockholm. 

Q: Where are your Silk Scarves produced?
A: They are both printed and sewn in England.

Q: What kind of computer do you use?
A: I have a 27" iMac and a 11" MacBook Air for travel (aka sitting on the sofa). I also use a Wacom Bamboo tablet for digital drawing etc.

Q: What software do you use?
A: For the most part the majority of my work is created/colored in Photoshop, but I also create vector images in Illustrator. On certain projects I only use Illustrator to just perfect my outlines (such as when creating my silk scarf/textile designs). I then usually choose to color in Photoshop.

Q: Do you trace?
A: Nope I don't. I like my drawings a bit wonky and imperfect. Gives them character ;)

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Of course, on occasion! Like my EmmaKisstina Facebook page to say up to date with 
promotions/giveaways offered at the moment.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 
I'd be happy to answer them. email me Kristina(@)emmakisstina.com

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