EmmaKisstina Illustrations by Kristina Hultkrantz

My collection of girly digital prints, under brandname EmmaKisstina, debuted in 2007; after I noticed sophisticated girly girl art wasn't being represented. Prints feature anything and everything from 'it' bags, perfumes, flower arrangements, beauty products or curated home decor vignettes; and are available in 5 sizes. Prints are available for purchase in my EmmaKisstina Etsy shop.

I also offer custom 'What's in my Bag' drawings and custom blog headers for private persons and small business (or big of course too.)

For your own custom WIMB or Blog Header visit the links below:


Polish and Beyond said...

Hi! I searched for your site when I heard eleventhgorgeous mention you in their latest MLOG! I'm a nail blogger and am considering ordering one of your 30 nail polishes prints/posters. It's stunning! If you want to check out my nail art follow me on Instagram - @polishandbeyond <3

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you found me! How fun! My Nail polish print is just perfect for you. xoxo