Friday, August 1, 2008

it is already August

Yesterday my sister when back home to the US. I was devistated. We had had such a great time together. It was nice having some extra life in my otherwise very quiet apartment. I need to get a kitty or something. To keep myself from just crying my eyes out all day I walked over to the amazing National Museum to get some painting inspiration. I took a little notebook and wrote down all the names of amazing painters and paintings. I walked around all the rooms really slowly and really studied the gorgeous paintings. I am so in love with 18th century paintings. I love rococo so so very much. I love the natural backgrounds, and the soft colors, and the portraits of the elaborately dressed Kings and Queens and noble people. They are just so fabulous. My favorites are Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Lebrun, who painted Marie Antoinette often, Francois Boucher, and Niclas Lafrensen...they are all French and super duper talented.

Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Lebrun, Princess de Croy, 1781.

As soon as I got home, I whipped out all of my paints. I started with watercolor. Relatively good result. Now I have moved on to acrylics. At the moment I am waiting for paint to dry......takes far too long. So glad that I am not using oils...otherwise I would be waiting even longer. But I will pick up oils shortly, I want to try my hand at a neoclassical rococo style painting of my own. That should be fun to work on.

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