Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lots of action with Mr. Bagge

Lots of cool junk happens on my street. I adore living here in the Old Town. It is so exciting. And if there is nothing that is going on then there is this amazing silence. It gets soooo quiet at night...almost too quiet.

Right now there is a group of guys filming a music video under my window. It is some sort of popish rap song. I wonder if the guy is famous...I have such bad grip on who's famous in Sweden. I need to start buying those trashy gossip magazines so that I can get in the know. During the summer months the little grassy area opposite my apartment was used to stage an outdoor opera. That was always nice to hear. They rehearsed often during the day and had performances during the evenings. I could just open my windows and get a free show. I believe it was a section from Romeo and Juliet. Lovely huh?

I can't wait until Christmas when all the decorations come up here...and maybe a little snow...doubtful. It will become really dark early, around 4pm, but everyone lights tons of gorgeous candles in their windows and on all their tables. It is so cozy and beautiful. Swedes complain that it is so dark and depressing...but as of yet I do not agree.

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