Friday, October 31, 2008

Tell me a secret...

what's your secret.
is it here. in the room. or did you hide it.
down a long hallway. in a drawer.
there. in another room. cluttered.
on the highest of shelves.
in a box. adorned with ribbons.
possibly in the open. on a table. around.
on your shoulder. in your hands.
back to hidden. replaced.
inside. outside.
in a pocket. in a hole in your garden.
behind a loose brick. in a book.
haven't got one. someone else's.
is it dark. maybe light.
does it haunt you. is it exciting.
is it real. true.
has it gotten bigger. complicated.
what will happen. anything. serious.
do you have to. want to.
are you going to tell. maybe.
tell me. i have them. many. lots. all kinds.
i can keep yours too. yes.
tell me. tell me. tell me.

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