Saturday, May 15, 2010

CHANEL N5 50x70

CHANEL N5 50x70, originally uploaded by emmakisstina.

I am really excited to announce that I now offer posters of my prints. 30cmx40cm and 50cmx70cm...both in my etsy shop.

Chanel N5 is my obvious favorite in large scale. I can see it in a super large format white glossy frame (or quite possibly a gaudy barock gold frame) with a thick white mat to match. It would look smashing being a statement piece taking over an entire wall. It could even hang over a gorgeous fireplace's mantle piece in an Upper East Side New York City apartment...or in your boudoir. I shall have to have one printed for myself, though I sadly have no apartment to hang it in at the moment. sigh.

Allow me to show you where I would feel my new poster would hang beautifully and feel just at home.

Here in this gorgeous living room it would match the delicious golden hues perfectly.

Photo via Decor8

This is also fitting...but in the background on the left of the gorgeous fireplace with a simple white frame.

via young house love.

Oh and this space is just too gorgeous. I love the pink color of the wall and how large scale all the furniture is.

via jfoberry's favorites.

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