Friday, May 14, 2010

Loud & Quiet

I have been looking through all of the design and illustration work I have done lately trying to pick out the best ones for my online portfolio. I think the best work I have done is for my friends Camilla and Marie for their wonderful accessories line Loud & name ever! I heart them. Take a look.

My next project should no doubt be a Stockholm Series. Fashion in this city is very much it's own...very graphic, lots of black and white, simple but complex. Labels like Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, and Dagmar, and Minimarket, and Acne of course.

Earlier this afternoon Johan and I took a long nice walk in the really gray humid air downtown in south Stockholm. We passed all the gorgeous packed coffee shops (Swedes love their 'fika' breaks) and the sweet little second hand stores...just window shopping for course. Also tons of busy streets as well as quiet parks. It is nice living in a little city with rather a lot going on but with also many quiet corners. I love Stockholm.

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