Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ETSY shop rewritten!

I have taken all morning to pain-stakingly go through all of my ETSY listings and rewrite their then very boring descriptions. I have been working with my store for 3 years now so there were many inconsistencies and lack of love in many descriptions. Now they are written in the same style with all needed important information about size, packaging, etc. They are also all complete with quirky quotes and small history lessons about the image...gives them a little something extra special I think. Super cute and girly!

So please go and enjoy my new and improved listings.

Puss o Kram


petalbelles said...

I just finished doing the same thing with my shop. I rewrote all my descriptions using the SEO that Etsy is encouraging us to use. It took forrrrever. But there is just something so satisfying about a clean house. By the way, I love your graphics with the lipstick "kiss." Very edgy!

Babbidge Patch said...

fab - just hearted your shop :)

Cathy of
BabbidgePatch & BPyarns

Unknown said...

Good for you! Such a chore and one I need to do (also photos, ugh!) Pam :)

Unknown said...

Getting more photos of my works in frames and in decorating is my next big project...and then I think my shop will be complete-ish.

what is this SEO you speak of petalbelles?