Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Russia with Love

I discovered this story via the fabulous Neo-Traditionalist and was completely blown away by this young ballerina's amazing strength and ambition...moving from her huge family in Texas to Russia by herself without knowing the language to pursue her dream of dancing on the Bolshoi stage. Watch the inspiring video here.

My goodness what a gorgeous dancer she is! I grew up dancing ballet from the age of 3 till my college years. I stopped dancing hardcore a few years ago. Classes are too expensive plus it is really hard on your body, especially feet. It took a good year of no more toe shoes and lots of home pedicures to get them looking and feeling normal again. Glamorous I know! I loved it but I never ever had half her ambition or half her talent...though I must add I wasn't completely useless...hehe. I do miss however being harassed by ballet teachers, and waking up with sore muscles a little. I also miss the costumes, recitals, and wearing in pretty new pink satin pointe shoes...plus the feeling of being really soft and feminine as well as super strong and tough at the same time.

Last Monday, me and the BF saw Romeo and Juliet the ballet at the Royal Opera house in Stockholm. The music as well as the atmosphere of sitting in a red velvet chair in a gold embellished old Opera house is really romantic and amazing. Maked me want to tie up my ballet shoes directly when I got home.

photos from New York Times and Operans websites as well as some googling. thanks

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