Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Obsession...

I had a rather nice weekend. Started off with quite a bit of working...but I love my job so that's no problem, but then ended with a fun lumberjack party with good friends, lots of quiet time to drink tea and catch up with missed blog posts, some house cleaning and vaccuming, also some movie watching, plus a pasta dinner and dessert made by BF....sweet wine poached pears with reduced sweet wine syrup sauce, vanilla icecream and a little homemade lemon curd. Not Bad, I'm a lucky girl!

Oh and I also did a little shopping on Etsy. Which would have to be today's daily obsession. Usually I feel quilty about buying things but this I am super happy about it, and I haven't even seen or felt it yet. I bought a vintage faux snowleopard fur jacket from the 60s or 70s from the sweetest vintage seller on Etsy, Wolfman1377.

I adore the two tones and the cut and the little brown belt with gold details....all I hope is that it will be warm even though it is faux. Going to have to be if this winter is going to be as cold as it was last year. I also seriously need some warm winter shoes too. My toes nearly fell off last year, hehe.

I must thank Mrs. Armour for the idea. I have been mulling over buying a new winter coat and I got inspired by her vintage leopard coat purchase. Hers was a bit more elegant version but I think mine would even be approved by her impeccable judgement and taste.

Happy Monday!
Puss o Kram

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