Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Agatha Christie!

Isn't Agatha Christie just great?! The book covers, her characters, how cool is not Poirot?! I want to read absolutly all of her books (I am on somesort of historical light mystery novel kick right now). I had BF loan one from the library the other day when he was their studying...Murder on the Orient Express. Perfect!

Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other classic mystery novel authors? When I was litte I adored Nancy Drew and the Boxcar Children series....I am glad that I am getting into it again. The guesome, graphic, crime mysteries and dramas that are popular now on tv can be a bit too much (I am addicted to them as well of course).


Becke Davis said...

Hi! What a great post!

My daughter sent me a link to this because she knows I'm obsessed with Agatha Christie. Cards on the Table is probably my favorite Poirot, N or M? is my favorite Tuppence & Tommy, and Nemesis may be my favorite Miss Marple - it's so hard to pick!

I moderate Barnes & Noble's Mystery Book Club at and we celebrated Dame Agatha's 120th Birthday by inviting authors to guest blog about her every day in September.

You can access these blogs and discussions by scrolling down at this link:

emmakisstina said...

You're sweet! I haven't read nearly enough. I am hooked...gonna read them all!

Grace said...

I am quite a fan of Agatha Christie myself, although I am more team Miss Marple than Poirot!

Your illustrations are a delight!

Becky Chase said...

I REALLY love Dame Agatha. I have read:

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Murder on the Orient Express
Cards on the Table
Hickory Dickory Death
Appointment with Death

and parts of:
Death on the Nile
Peril at End House
The Labors of Hercules
Mystery of the Clocks

My paternal grandmother was an avid reader, and I picked it up as a sort of tribute to her. I prefer Poirot, myself. But I have so many more to read!

I also recommend you read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, in case you haven't already. It takes place in the south of France and at a manor in Britain around the same time as Orient Express, and is a mystery except without a detective, and more eerie and serious, but really powerful. It is a classic. I think you'd like it.

emmakisstina said...

I read tons! I travel on the trains so often I need something productive to do. I can't draw without everything becoming a bit squiggly so reading is perfect and a wonderful escape.

I have not heard of Daphne du Maurier... but I shall have to. Actually looked her up just now. Rebecca can be found at the little library around the corner, wonderful! I am half way through Agatha's Cat Among Pigeons... I also prefer Poirot!

p.s. Thanks Becky