Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daily Obsession...

Nina Kinert is a super talented Swedish singer songwriter, if you didn't already know.

This song has been stuck in my head all day long....especially on my 45 minute train rides to and fro my studio in Nynäshamn while I try to solve Suduko puzzles. Now it's raining and really dark and cold outside. It already gets dark at 4pm gosh....but gives me good reason to stay cozied up at home, light a few candles, listen to yummy music and catch up on what's happening on a few of my favorite blogs so I don't mind too much. Ask me again next month when the sun goes down at about 2.30pm. eek!

One problem I have is that my little studio is in an unfinished attic to there is no electricity...so now that it is getting dark so early and soooo cold I can't really be there very long, poo. What ever shall I do?

p.s. One of my finger tips has fallen asleep after tons of paper clipping (I am making gift tags for the holidays...they are cute, show you laters, wink!) It is a really awkward feeling typing with a finger that's still a bit sleepy.

Puss o Kram

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