Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daily Obsession...

I got a thing for 'What's in my bag?' photos. My purse mainly is a portable trashbag it seems for endless amounts of receipts, random papers and forgotton lipsticks. But these inspire me to clean out my bags and reorganize...I do this a few times a year.

These are a few of my favorites...

inside my purse

Summer 08 purse contents

handbag contents

What do you have in your bag?

Puss o Kram


Anonymous said...

I have a huge bottomless purse- makeup, wallet, heys, shades, sudoku book, phone, stuffed animal and on and on..
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Caroline said...

Love your purse photos, i love taking photos of people rooms and their clutter, what someone keep in their room or in their bag can tell a lot about him/her.
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